Show home design is a relatively new idea in the UK, presenting a home in it's absolutely perfect state, with the decor to appeal to the majority of people to entice more viewings and even add more value. This is what I aim to achieve with every show home project. 

Home renovation is a huge task for the home owner. Making every decision along the way to create a home that fits your specification. This can be a daunting task but also a very exciting one, having the best team around you can be the perfect foundation to put your ideas into reality. My part of the team will be knowledge on aesthetics, style and function, working closely with the client to discuss all possibilities and goals they wish to achieve.


Interior Design for a home owner who just needs a little inspiration is another passion. Simple and effective changes can add a new lease of life to a room is so fulfilling. Giving knowledge on updated wall colour trends, wallpaper, up-cycling furniture, room rearrangement etc is a great way to show a client how to present there home to it's full potential.     

Everything begins with a home consultation which you can book via my email:

Every design begins with a mood board, a collection of fabrics, colours, wallpapers and products that I put together to create a look built around your specifications. Each project is different and so is every mood board, to fit your requirements and bring new ideas, a unique design board will show you exactly what each room will look like. Being able to see a visual representation of how your room will look all on one page is such a clear way of seeing what works together and just as easy to change any details which are important to you and add your own personality into the design. Beginning with a mood board is the perfect foundation, the starting point to make your design ideas a reality.                 

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